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Reliable Barrel Horses | 6224 Churchill Line RR#3 | Watford Ontario Canada | N0M 2S0 | Cell: 519-851-5687 Contact: Stephanie

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  • Stephanie  Valleyfield Paige Victoria Robson

    Mission Statement
    At Reliable Barrel Horses, it is our commitment, dedication and passion to match our clients with honest, safe, consistent, RELIABLE horses while not compromising each family budget. We pride ourselves in our track record and reputation in mounting families with horses they can enjoy, be competitive and trust to be safe, resulting in total client satisfaction. To achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction in all that we do. Our number one priority and commitment is therefore to offer, at all times, honest, consistent, reliable, competitive, safe horses which enables our clients to enjoy the wonderful sport of barrel racing. We strive to build a long-term relationship with each client as an individual and to match great horses with great families. We relentlessly pursue the search of great horses throughout our network in North America. Trust is a true, tangible link that positively differentiates RBH in the barrel racing community when looking to purchase a new horse, and the next steps into relationships. The ability to create such lasting relationships is a unique result of sincere interest, commitment and passion towards what is in the best interest of both the horse and the rider. It is our goal, to have families understand when they look to Reliable Barrel for a new equine partner. They know they are in good hands. It is our mission to be the barrel racing source trusted by families everywhere.

    How to buy a barrel Horse

    Introducing Reliable Barrel on the link to view our family passion for building a family tradition of barrel racing and rodeo!

    Aerial view of the Home of RBH!

    Located in Watford, Ontario just east of the Port Huron, Michigan border, the kids and I enjoy our farm where we share a dream and passion for riding barrel horses. Like most of you that share this dream, we recognize how difficult it is to find people that you can trust and rely on to find you the right horse. With my own experience in safely mounting my three children with the right horse I appreciate how important this is. Our slogan "building a family tradition" is our vision. All of my children have been riding and competing in barrel race competition since they were 2 years old in a lead line speed event. We look forward to every Friday when we load up our 6 horse trailer, replenish the fridge and head out for a weekend of family time sharing our deepest love, running barrel horses and spending time together as we cheer each other on at the alley way!

    How to buy a Barrel Horse

    We invite you to tour our gallery of horses we have for sale. Our goal is to provide families with good quality horses at a price you can afford. It is as important to ride safe, sound horses as it is to be competitive! Over the past 3 years we have mounted over 130 families with great horses, visit our client testimonial page to learn why we are trusted by families everywhere.

    Consignment Services: As Director of Sales and Marketing for a large sports marketing firm, I bring 20 years of sales and marketing experience to the equine industry with a background of designing and implementing marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies throughout North America. Partnering my extensive marketing background with my love and passion for horses has proven to be a win win combination for our clients to ensure their horses are marketed effectively and to be matched with great homes and wonderful people. If you have a good horse that represents our RBH brand for being honest, consistent and competitive and you are looking for assistance in placing your special horse with a great home, please call me to discuss how I can help, I have families all over North America that turn to me to help find them the "right horse". . Stephanie

    Favourite Quote of the month.. "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

    Jessie Jackson is now accepting training horses beginning April 1st. If you have a horse that needs seasoned, a horse that is hot that needs a quiet rider to build confidence and stability or to start a young horse on pattern please contact Jessie or Stephanie at Reliable Barrel

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